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We release new streams weekly using feedback from our clients and our own discoveries.
Here is a list of the stream categories recently released :

  • WSI Trader East, West and National
  • NWPP Aggregate Wind Gen and Load
  • CAISO Network Model update
  • MISO Network Model update
  • ERCOT Network Model update
  • PJM Network Model Update including 600+ EKPC streams
  • Additional PJM 7 day Zonal Forecasts
  • EOX AESO Power Contracts

  • MISO Planned and Real Time Transmission Outages
  • EIA Field Level Gas Storage
  • PRT ERCOT Wind Generation Actual and Forecast
  • PRT ERCOT Wind Speed Actual and Forecast
  • CAISO Wind and Solar Actual and Forecast
  • ERCOT Hourly and Daily Transmission Constraints
  • ERCOT Wind from Commodity Weather Group
  • NDMC Drought Conditions for Texas
  • WSI Hourly Trader National and Hourly Trader West
  • 43 Additional NWS Forecasts and Actual Hourly Temperatures
  • BPA BC and AC+DC Interties
  • AB Montana IMP/EXP
  • ISO-NE Long and Short Term Outages
  • Added Update Alert functionality to AESO Supply Outage and ATC forecast streams
  • EOX Live - Power Contracts, Natural Gas Contracts and Volitility
  • PJM Day Ahead Zonal FTR LMP
  • PJM Day Ahead Transmission Constraints
  • USACE Hydro Detailed Daily Stats for 29 stations
  • EIA Coal Spot Prices
  • EIA Underground Storage Volume by State
  • EIA Underground Storage Capacity by State
  • PG&E System Inventory Summary, Supply and Demand Forecast and Storage Activity Forecast
  • WSI HourlyTrader package
  • TransCanada Operational Status Bulletin
  • SocalGas Daily and Hourly Operations
  • Ontario Day Ahead Intertie Scheduling Limits
  • BC Hydro Snow Pillow Data
  • Addition of ERCOT West to North DAM Generic Transmission Limits
  • Notification Stream for NWRFC ESP Forecast
  • Ontario Day Ahead Shadow Prices for Energy, 10S, 10N and 30R
  • Ontario Day Ahead Adequacy
  • PG&E Actual and Forecast Control Area and Native Loads
  • ERCOT Instantaneous Time Error and 1 minute Total Online Capacity from the Real Time System Conditions
  • BPA Flowgates for John Day and Rock Creek
  • Additional TransCanada Streams from the Alberta Gas Day Summary
  • New Streams for IESO Hourly Generation and Capacity
  • BPA 3 Day Wind Forecast
  • ERCOT Real Time Wind Production
  • AESO 6 Day Hourly Wind Foreacast
  • AESO 12 Hour Wind Foreacast
  • NGX Day Ahead Indexes for AB-NIT/TCPL-Empress, Union Dawn, TCPL-Emerson Great Lakes,
  •   Spectra St#2, Spectra Huntingdon and TCPL-Niagara
  • ERCOT Approved and Accepted Transmission Outages
  • ERCOT Proposed Transmission Outages

Our new version of NRGSTREAM XTRACTOR now includes both an Add-in for Excel and an API. The API supports COM based languages and Excel VBA programming. Enjoy direct access from your Xtracts to your Excel spreadsheets or use the programming API to integrate directly to your back office systems.
Our generation system is now embedded within our Professional and Trader market intelligence solutions systems at no extra cost.
The generation system provides our clients with access to all available information associated with any power generation plant in North America. We have accumulated a variety of data for years and thought is was time to share it with you. Information un-earthed by the new system includes the following.

  • Plant and unit information from the EPA, EIA and NERC.
  • Historical hourly generation and emissions information from the EPA / CEMS.
  • EIA monthly generation statistics by plant, primemover and fuel type
  • Plant owner information from NERC and the EPA
  • Plant correlations to existing NRGSTREAM Streams that provide a complete source of related information. Streams such as real-time Pacific Northwest Hydro and hourly Nuclear plant statistics are directly accessible through the Generation system.