Key Features:

  • Dynamic customized charting. Advanced zoom and pan.
  • Nodal price maps for ERCOT, CAISO, PJM, NYISO, ISONE, MISO and SPP.
  • Scheduled and on-demand data extracts
  • Link to your models with Excel Add-in and macros


  • Instant min/max, rate of change or combination alerts
  • Customized spreads, ratios and aggregate representations
  • Map based interface for all generation plants in North America
  • Includes access to our fully featured browser based Web Portal and our iPhone app

Other Features:

New Xtractor :
  • New Group extracts feature allow quick downloading of all pricing nodes for nodal markets.
  • Notification: get email notification when extracts succeed or fail.
  • Excel Add-ins and Macros can now be extracted on multiple sheets in the same workbook.
Enhanced Stream Management :
  • Zoom into your custom stream views, see where they are used. Views are organized under Master Streams so you always know what you are looking at.
  • Simplified ALERT settings. Rate of change alerts on any stream whether it’s running in a chart or not.
  • Show last values on the legend.
  • Instant readout of mouse position with time and value.

Dashboard Key Features:

  • Preconfigured shared Dashboards for each region which will show up in the Master Dashboard folder.
  • Master dashboards represent content tailored by experts in each region, but feel free to change them to meet your needs.
  • They are preconfigured to fit on a 1920 X 1080 screen.
  • To share within your company, Right click on a Dashboard, Chart or Panel and click Share. The object will then show up in everyone’s Shared folder.
  • You cannot change Shared objects unless you own them, however all objects can be Copied if you need to change them.

Map Features:

  • Monitor market fundamentals in complex nodal markets through maps.
  • View in real-time .
  • Playback any period in time.
  • Visualize nodal prices, loads, transmission flows and outages.
  • Search for nodal prices, loads, transmission flows and outages and view your results on our map.
  • Turn on or turn off any layer on the map.
  • Real time constraint and contingency alerts on map.

Charts Key Features:

  • Create custom real-time Charts for a graphic representation of your market intelligence.
  • Charts can be created from any combination of available streams in any region.
  • Mouse zooming and panning.
  • Show last values on the legend.
  • Click through to the stream details on the legend.
  • Instant readout of mouse position with time and value.
  • Change the range of the chart directly from the chart.
  • Add and remove streams directly from the chart.
  • View and download data.

Panels Key Features:

Regional Panels:
  • Each region now has a number of preconfigured panels which have been used extensively in the Dashboards.
  • Choose, ‘New Panel’, ‘Regional Panel’ to create your own.
  • Select the Regional Panel from the dropdown, click Save and you are done.
  • If you need to add nodes/streams to your panel, just start typing the node name, select the node and click Add.
Supersize Panel:
  • Supersized stream panels can now be configured for the visually impaired.
  • Create a new Stream panel. Select your stream. Click the Supersize check box.

Gen System Key Features:

  • Our Generation Database covers all plants in North America.
  • Search for any plant and view your results on our generation map.
  • All plant and unit details are included.
  • IIR customers can benefit from overlays representing outages.