Key Features:

  • Create extracts from any combination of streams in our energy information portfolio
  • Runs as an unattended Windows Service on any Microsoft Windows Server or PC
  • Link our stream data into your spreadsheet with our Excel Add-in


  • Our NEW GROUP XTRACTS allow quick downloading of full sets of all pricing nodes in a market.
  • Runs continuously to deliver datasets based on your schedule
  • Integrate into R or Matlab with our COM API

Other Features:

  • Notification: get email notification when extracts succeed or fail.
  • Excel Add-ins and Macros can now be extracted on multiple sheets in the same workbook.
  • Access to all the data from a single source.
  • Free yourself from tedious searching and scraping of system operator, exchange and government sources.
  • Simply setup your Extracts and let Xtractor handle the rest.

  • Setup an unlimited number of custom Xtracts to feed your models and internal data stores.
  • Access and analyze on-demand or scheduled Extracts in your choice of CSV, XML or SQL XML formats.
  • We can make integration with your SQL database easy with XML definitions.
  • No initial investment and no implementation time lag.
  • Exceptionally robust and mature services